Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication

Job Announcements 2015-2016

To advertise a position, send your job announcement in PDF to Tracy Bridgeford. An archive of job announcements from 2008-2009 to 2014-2015 is available upon request.

  1. Technical Communication Lecturer Position for 2015-2016
    Georgia Tech
  2. Lecturer in Technical Communication
    University of Texas at Austin
  3. Tenure Track Assistant Professor
    James Madison University
  4. Tenure Track Assistant Professor
    Georgia Southern Unniversity
  5. Tenure Track Assistant Professor
    Rowan University
  6. Tenure Track Assistant Professor
    Utah State University
  7. Assistant Professor of English
    Baylor University
  8. Tenure-Track Assistant Professor
    Polytechnic campus of Arizona State University
  9. Associate or Full Professor | Instructor or Assistant Professor
    Clarkson University
  10. Tenure-track position in Technical Communication
    Eastern Washington University
  11. Assistant Professor in Technical and Professional Communication
    Auburn University
  12. Assistant Professor
    Texas A&M
  13. Professor
  14. Assistant Professor (2 positions)
    Texas Tech University
  15. Maxwell C. Weiner Distinguished Professorship
    Missouri University of Science and Technology
  16. Assistant or Associate Professor
    Washington State University
  17. Assistant Professor, Professional and Technical Writing
    Kansas State University
  18. Endowed Chair in Technical Writing
    Louisiana Tech University
  19. Assistant Professor, Rhetoric and Technical Writing
    University of Northern Colorado
  20. Assistant Professor (2 positions)
    University of Central Florida
  21. Assistant or Associate Professor
    Texas A&M University-Corpus Cristi
  22. Assistant Professor of Technical Communication
    North Carolina State University
  23. Assistant Professor of Professional Writing
    Missouri State University
  24. Lecturer
    University of Colorado