Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication

Research Assessment Project

Created under a 2006 research grant from our host organization, the purpose of CPTSC Assessment is to provide a web-based forum for assessment research in order to foster collaboration and active exchange between multiple institutions. This project supports contemporary assessment research that takes us from static reviews welded on performance indicators to new environments fostering student learning. With shared research methods and collective practitioner knowledge, CPTSC Assessment promises to provide a resource library that showcases our progressive understanding of ways to design valid assessment processes.

CPTSC Award for Excellence in Program Assessment

This award recognizes outstanding contributions to program assessment in technical and scientific communication.

2010 Award-winning Book

Assessment in Technical and Professional Communication

The second annual CPTSC Award for Excellence in Program Assessment recipients were Margaret Hundleby, PhD and Jo Allen, PhD, for their ¬†contribution to program assessment scholarship. Their co-edited volume Assessment in Technical and Professional Communication, Baywood Publishing, is the first full-length compilation of assessment work in the field of technical and professional communication. Their comprehensive work, with its multiple perspectives and approaches, exemplifies the¬† understanding that meaningful assessment is always unique to a program’s institutional setting. See full announcement.

2010 Call for Nominations for Excellence in Program Assessment Award
2009 Winners Announced

2009 Award-winning Report

The inaugural CPTSC Award for Excellence in Program Assessment recipients were Karen A. Schriver, PhD, and John R. Hayes, PhD. for their sustained excellence in and commitment to assessment. Their report to Rice University, “Bioengineers as Professional Communicators: Assessing the Impact of the Cain Project on Undergraduate Student Performance in Professional Writing and Public Speaking at Rice,” makes an outstanding contribution to our literature and practice with its empirical research on learning outcomes in technical communication.

Karen and John and Rice University have generously allowed us to publish their award-winning report here. Please make certain to reference the report if you use these materials.